Tuesday, February 19, 2008

A much needed break...

Winters can be long here, with periods of intense weather and extended time indoors. It can leave you longing for summer and thinking it will never end! One interesting fact is that while everyone else is experiencing the coming of spring in March we have our heaviest snow month of the year.
Yesterday Les and I got together and surfed Graveyards. It is inaccessible in the winter by road, the only way to get there is by airplane or skiff. Les owns an air service, alsekair.com, and flies to surf spots at times but prefers to go by skiff.
The sand at the surf spots can change here radically because of the massive seas that come in in the wintertime. Graveyards right now is looking the best we have ever seen it due to the changing of the sand. We surfed it alone with 6-9 foot swells rolling in and Les got a few rides of 15 seconds or longer. The waves were so long and perfect I was running back up the point instead of paddling.
It was a much needed break and the first time I have gotten to surf with Les, he has been hammered this winter with flying jobs and scheduled maintenance. We both had one of the best sessions of our lives and a real blessing at this point in the year. The Father gives good gifts!
Here is a scrapbook page that Allison made of me coming back from a winter surf, enjoy!

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