Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ryder's first surf

Ryder went out for the first time and rode a wave by himself at New Jetty in Ventura Harbor. He was very excited and proceeded to ride many more. It even counted for his homeschool as P.E. Faith cried when I got home because I hadn't taken her. Developing...

And a pic from a contest this last weekend where CS South Bay showed up and I was able to slip out before Quinn's birthday party to shoot some pics and hang out with them. Here is the happy little guy with his "Wubby"

Sunday, October 12, 2008

CS Santa Barbara/Newport Beach Campout

Nov. 7th through 9th CS Santa Barbara in conjunction with CS Newport Beach will be heading to Jalama Beach for a campout. Everyone is welcome, invite your friends, RSVP with Matt Coleman, chapter director for Santa Barbara at Here is the flyer for the event.

The Ministry is Relationships weekend was great in Huntington Beach, about 30-40 leaders in CS West Coast showed up and all were excited about the tools given them to focus on personal relationships with other surfers and to share Christ with them. It was a good time to connect with the other leaders and put a face to everyone's name, definitely looking forward to having more events together like the Jalama camp coming up. Don't forget that if you missed this one you still have a chance with two more events being hosted in Jacksonville, FL and Ocean City, NJ. CLICK HERE for more info.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

CSUS Rhode Island Staff Retreat

We recently returned from the first annual "with family" CSUS staff retreat held in Rhode Island. Uncle Vance made an appearance on his way up the East Coast and the kids were really excited to get to play with him. This is at a local beach on the day after we arrived, beautiful with typical New England scenery.

Patrick is a local surfer in town that came to Christ through the ministry of CS and one that has been discipled by the chapter directors, Chuck and Anna Barend. He is fearless in sharing his faith with his surfing friends and a really fun guy to be around. He may be out in California in February, hope we get to see him then, thanks for showing us around Patrick!

Here is another shot of the same beach from a higher vantage point. We didn't get many photos because Hurricane Kyle came through and it rained buckets all the other days we were there. However, there were a lot of waves so it was a great trade off!

Allison and Quinn having a great time! Allison normally takes the non-surfing pictures and after a trip we never have pictures of her so we tried to be intentional about taking pictures of her this time!

Here is a picture of a wave we surfed later once the swell filled in more, we nicknamed it "Typhoon Lagoon" because of the way it bounced off of the rock walls on either side. A lot of fun though, some barrels and a short paddle!

Here is a shot from the training sessions, we were privileged to have Thom and Nancy Cunningham, missionaries with New Tribes Mission, come and speak about the glory of God, unreached tribal groups and being a family in ministry. CLICK HERE to check out New Tribes and what they are doing to fulfill the Great Commission. They also knew my cousin, whom I have never met, John Cross, formerly with New Tribes, CLICK HERE to check out his website and ministry, Goodseed.

Back home in Ventura! This is taken from just east of the Ventura Harbor looking west towards Ventura. The chapter in Santa Barbara took a group of groms out to surf and I shot photos of them to do a slideshow with at the next chapter meeting this Thursday at 320 Santa Cruz Ln at 6:30 in Santa Barbara. Stop by if you are in the area!

This coming weekend we will be in Huntington Beach at the first of four CSUS training sessions around the country. The theme of the training is Ministry is Relationships and focuses on one on one ministry through friendship evangelism and discipleship. This continues the theme of the Panama Prep School with the Junior Leaders training. Keep our family in prayer as the kids and myself are all sick. For more info on the training CLICK HERE or to register for any of the sessions around the country CLICK HERE.