Monday, August 11, 2008

Answers to Prayer

Dear Daniel, 
I have been thinking about my reply to your news
about the safe
arrival back home. It came to me that if
you had had an uneventful
journey, we would probably have
taken it for granted. Instead, perhaps
God was showing
that He had been very close to you all the time. Look

what might have happened without His care!! I think
it was His gentle



Joy Moore

After reading this I got into the Suburban today to tow
the trailer to the welding
shop to get the hitch rewelded. One of the tires
had gone flat
since parking it in the driveway
so we changed that as well this morning.
I made a pass around the block to park it until my
appointment time.
When I got out,
the hitch had almost completely severed
from the tongue. God
kept it together for 2200
miles from Alaska and driving the last
.7 of a mile it separated
and broke. Do we serve
a great and loving God or what! Praise Him
for His answers to
prayer and His never
ending love for us.

Friday, August 8, 2008

We made it!

No pictures, just a lot of miles by water and land. First, thanks for all your prayers, we had issues with the trailer the whole way, first by the jackstand breaking, hanging up on the ground (ferry ramp and every gas station to Vancouver) and almost severing the brake line which would have locked up the trailer brakes. Then, once we arrived today we looked at the tongue and the hitch that is welded on top of it had about 2/3 of the welds left, the other third was cracked off and still cracking. But everything held together and we thank God for it. Also, a special thanks to Uncle Tom, Uncle David, Rodger and Dad for helping with the maintenance along the way and to Forest Glade church, it was great to connect with you all! Whew, we're tired!