Thursday, March 20, 2008

CS bio/First day of spring in Yakutat

Check out my new bio at It shouldn't have the Yakutat, AK chapter director title anymore but that will be changed to reflect the new job position. This picture was taken after a cold 3 hour surf and 16 mile round trip 4-wheeler ride!

This is officially the first day of spring so I took a couple of photos so you all could see spring on our little street in Alaska. We also took some family photos for one of our supporting churches today as we haven't had a sunny windless day in a while.

Finally, I found a nice pic from last summer at the beach. You can see the smoke from the campfire and long evenings for the kids to play at the beach. I find it is really nice to check out summer pics when it is dumping snow outside!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sara the Swimmer

Today's post comes directly from a new email we have set up here at CS to enable Christian Surfers to send in their testimonies of what God is doing in their lives. Sara felt God calling her to travel to S. Africa for our international conference in Jeffrey's Bay (more info on So she decided to raise money by swimming 11 miles in 11 hours. A great story that can be seen on I feel very blessed to be chosen to monitor and read all these amazing stories of what God is doing through Christian Surfers and I hope to share those with you in the coming days, months and years. All blessings flow from God and He is good!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Panama Prep School

We have been working on the idea of a conference to intentionally invest into our up and coming leaders and this dream has become reality! Check out the Panama Prep School link on the Christian Surfers website. Coming in July, we are going to bring in 35 of our most committed groms from around the US for training to deepen their walks with God, encourage them to be influential among their peers and to get a little surfing time with Tom Curren and Jason Andre as well!
Another praise is a surfer very recently coming to the Lord through the Who is Jesus Christ portion of the website. Continue to keep my family and the rest of the leadership of Christian Surfers in your prayers.
In other news, my dad is flying in this week to fish halibut with me for the opener. He should be here for about 10 days or so with my mom possibly coming in, depending on jury duty.
I have also begun taking local surfers out for surfing on weekends as spring gets closer and as the weather permits. I plan to expand this to include bible studies this summer when school gets out. Keep this in prayer as well.