Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Baptism coming!

Had a meeting last night with a surfer and his daughter ready to be baptized. So good to hear their stories of coming out of a lifestyle of growing pot for a living up north to now holding a job and living for Christ. God is good and the stories of changed lives never get old!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Funny thing happened at our chapter meeting last week. First, an old friend Thomas reconnected and out of the blue pocket called a friend of his (A) that he hadn't spoken with in 5 years! Upshot of it was Thomas went to A's house and shared Christ with him. A was receptive and had been doing business with another of our members who was also sharing with him!
I had no idea and was about to also place an order with A for some chapter t-shirts! So when Thomas brought this up as a testimony at our meeting we all went, really! God has been leading us to A too! Thomas was so fired up that on the way home he called A and shared that we had prayed for him in the meeting! A was grateful and plans to come to one of our Bible studies soon.
All this again made me remember that God is at work in lives and I need to be attentive to see just who He is at work in at the time, we don't know how long those open doors will stay open! Pray for A.