Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A surfing day in Alaska

Joe Carter, brains behind the filming, setting up to shoot some surfing amongst a winter's worth of driftwood.
Wheelers are the best way to access the varied surf around here.
Graveyards looking appealing but a bit too small, time to check around the corner.
Sea lion about to bodysurf another Point wave.
Billy, Ben and Jeff looking pretty comfortable on the shore, pros from the East Coast, here to shoot the sequel to the surf film, Get in the Van.
The boys checking out the lineup and Ben alone with the sea lions.
Ben paddled out solo with a broken off center fin and ripped off a nice cutty.
Sea lions harrassing a grey whale, not the most comforting sight when surfing.
Bear across the Ankau River on the way home, digging for clams and other shellfish.
Beautiful sunset over Monti Bay at Sandy Beach, the end of another Alaskan surf day.

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