Friday, December 14, 2007

New CS shirts, Pipe Masters on!, Interact Ministries

The new membership T's are done, go to to join and choose the option with a t-shirt. I am thankful that God is blessing this campaign and mobilizing surfers all over the US for His kingdom, we now have the highest membership level we have ever had.
Go to to watch the most prestigious surf event on the planet, the Pipe Masters.
In other news, we have been in contact with InterAct Ministries, you can check them out at Christian Surfers put us in touch with them to liason with them and gain insight and help on the challenges of village ministry. We are thankful for the encouragement and look forward to meeting their missionaries.


lynnak said...

Hi Daniel,
I've tagged you! Please go to for the rules. It's a great way to let folks know about your blog.

Merry Christmas to all the Feltons!

shawnalyne said...

And we are excited to meet you!
InterAct Ministries